D-Link’s 30th Birthday – Looking to the Future of Smart Home Technology


In the second of our series of blog posts leading up to our 30th Birthday we’re going to take a look at our entry into the smart home market and take a look at D-Link’s vision going forward. Ultimately for D-Link it comes down to four key industry segments driving our smart home vision. Over the past decade consumers the world over have rapidly embraced mobile telecommunications as connectivity has allowed them to stay more and more in touch with their friends and their colleagues.

The vision that many have for this technology, is to create a smart home that will contain multiple connected devices such as: appliances, control actuators, personal health and home environment sensors, entertainment consoles and displays. Data from these devices can be exchanged easily in support of a range of smart home services. Examples include local and remote home energy management, security monitoring, wellness monitoring and also the sharing of Internet and entertainment content.

D-Link first entered into the smart home market with a range of five products, these consisted of the Home monitor HD, motion sensor, smart plug; music everywhere and our pan tilt and zoom camera, the mydlink Home monitor 360 all work together in unison in order to create a smart home environment.

Looking ahead to our offering in the smart home market it is our recently launched smart home security kit that takes the mydlink smart home to another level. The kit includes the battery motion sensor, the siren with optional battery back up and the connected home hub, providing a combination of Z-wave and Wi-Fi allowing users to create an entry level security system in their home using smart home technology.


Enhance your home security with our new security kit


Securing your home can cost significant amounts in installation fees and monthly subscriptions, but what if we told you that you could have an entry-level security system for less than £200?

Well that is exactly what our new smart home security kit offers, providing you with the ability to create a more secure home environment, whether you are home or away. Our easy to install kit consists of four products designed to automate home security – a Connected Home Hub, day and night HD camera, Siren and Door and Window sensor.

The four products included in the kit essentially work together in order to automate your home. The mydlink connected home hub acts as the link between your existing Wi-Fi network and all mydlink Home devices. The day and night camera (Home Monitor HD) allows you to view your home in 720p quality, with the ability to see up to five metres in complete darkness. The mydlink Home siren alerts you when a sensor is triggered, equipped with six different sounds and volume up to 110dB you will be made aware of any sort of intrusion. And the final part of the kit is the door and window sensor, this allows you to detect when a door or window is opened or closed as well as monitor room temperature.

All of the products that make up our new smart home security kit provide you with an entry-level solution for under £200. Ensuring you can have peace of mind without any installation fees or monthly costs.

Achieving Wi-Fi Everywhere and Anywhere

DWR-118_A1_Image L(Front)

Are you looking for a router that not only provides your home with blisteringly fast speeds but also gives you the option of Wi-Fi on the go with 4G support? Than look no further as our new router (DWR-118) does exactly that.

The main feature of the DWR-118 is its flexibility in the fact that it can be used to host either a 4G or 3G connection. With dongle support this means that you can take our new router away with you, the quick and easy installation process ensures that you can be set up and running anywhere making it ideal for creating an impromptu network, or where conventional wired connections are unavailable.

We’ve also packed in incredible wireless speeds and advanced network security. By simply pressing the WPS button you can quickly establish a secure connection with the peace of mind that the DWR-118 also utilises dual active firewalls to prevent potential attacks and intruders from the Internet. If you’re looking for a highly affordable router that can meet your home network demands with the flexibility to create a wireless network on the go, then the DWR-118 is for you!

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Are you streaming rather than downloading?

streaming mediaAccording to a report last year, on-demand services like Spotify and We7 were expected to generate £194m of revenue in the UK. Streaming is fast catching up with downloading as a way to listen to music. In fact, it seems that even Steve Jobs had got it wrong and consumers would rather rent their music, not own it. On top of this, the death knell is also sounding for DVDs and even the cinema, as streaming takes over –  if reports from PwC are to be believed.

So, if you’ve got a house full of teenagers can your internet cope with their online demands? Although high-speed internet is becoming a reality in many areas of the country and the price is starting to become competitive, do our homes have enough bandwidth to cope with the demands of the digital lifestyle?

The short answer is no. The current band is becoming increasingly crowded and even items sharing the band such as microwaves and electronic door bells are affecting Wi-Fi signals in the home.

However, the new standard of Wi-Fi, Wireless AC, should make the effortless streaming of content at home a reality because, on top of using the current band (2.4GHz), it also uses the 5GHz spectrum which is much clearer – it has a similar effect to upgrading from a single lane A-road to a five lane motorway, less traffic and the possibility for higher speeds.

The standard is expected to be widely in use by the end of 2013 and already, the latest devices being released, such as MacBooks and HTC Ones, have Wireless AC capabilities inbuilt. So, if you’re considering upgrading your router, make sure you future-proof your home and buy one that offers Wireless AC capabilities, to ensure you get the best coverage throughout your home, with the highest bandwidth and fastest speeds.


Faster Wi-Fi is on the way

DIR-868LFed up of buffering when you’re streaming videos or playing games? Well, suffer no more! A new standard of Wi-Fi is on the way.

Called Wireless AC, the latest generation of Wi-Fi promises faster speeds and more capacity so that the entire family can get online with no interruptions. D-Link has already launched a range of routers to future-proof your home and prepare you for what’s ahead. Not to mention, USB dongles to instantly upgrade your laptops and tablets so you can appreciate the faster speeds.

D-Link’s new range features distinctively sleek designs and support for D-Link’s exclusive mydlink™ Cloud Services. This enables the user to monitor and manage the network from any PC or mobile device remotely.

Heading up the product range is the flagship Wireless AC1750 Dual-Band Gigabit Cloud Router with AC SmartBeam™ (DIR-868L). Delivering AC1750 speeds –  effectively Gigabit – it’s the world’s fastest Cloud Router, for those who demand uncompromised performance. Serious gamers will appreciate its four Gigabit Ethernet ports, and anyone who streams media from connected USB storage or transfers files between work and home will benefit from the USB port on the router.

At an entry level, the Wireless AC750 Dual-Band Cloud Router (DIR-810L) offers AC750 speeds at a very compelling price point, making it the most affordable option for people looking to replace or upgrade their router to Wireless AC. The Wireless AC1200 Dual-Band Gigabit Cloud Router (DIR-850L) is rated AC1200 for up to triple the speed of existing Wireless N300 networks. It also features Gigabit Ethernet, perfect for hooking up video game consoles or streaming media boxes.  And, coming soon is the Dual Band Wireless AC1200 Gigabit ADSL2+ Cloud Router with AC Smart Beam(DSL-3580L).

These new routers mean there’s a fast, feature-packed and easy-to-use Wireless AC Cloud Router for practically anyone, including those on a limited budget.

Besides the high quality performance of Wireless AC, D-Link’s new Cloud Routers are mydlink™-enabled, allowing users to remotely access, manage and monitor the network from wherever they are through the free mydlink™ Lite mobile app. Users can instantly view connected devices and their browsing history, block unwanted connections and receive email alerts, making it easy to keep the network safe from intruders and secure for the family. Set up is done in seconds using the free QRS Mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android, with no PC required.

Pairing this router with the new D-Link Wireless AC Dual Band USB Adapter (DWA-182) or Wireless AC Dual-Band USB Nano Adapter (DWA-171), enables users to easily upgrade their PCs and notebooks to take full advantage of the faster speeds and features that Wireless AC delivers. So why not bring the future into your home now, with D-Link routers.

What Wireless AC Means for You

StudentsPicture this: a group of uni housemates all have the latest notebooks, Smartphones, and tablets. There’s probably an X-Box or PS3 in there, too. Some of them download large files regularly, others stream media, or play online games, or do all of these things at the same time. The results aren’t pretty: file transfers slow down, movies skip, games lag or even drop entirely. Even access to simple stuff like YouTube or Facebook stops being fun, and becomes frustrating.

Wireless network problems aren’t limited to a bunch of students living in the same house. Now that mobile devices are so popular, it’s not unusual for each family member to have a smartphone or tablet, maybe even more than one. Letting the kids go online is all fun and games until their activities interfere with dad’s VPN connection or keep mum from sending her big presentation to the office.

Even those who live alone are not immune to WiFi problems. One big issue in blocks of flats is overlapping wireless networks, running on the same channel. Interference among them can make it impossible to get online, especially for anything that requires a stable connection, like streaming video, video chat, or online games.

In all these cases, the basic problem is that we have essentially outgrown our existing WiFi networks. Fortunately, there is a solution: it’s Wireless AC, the next-generation standard for high-speed wireless internet. It promises a utopia in which every device in the house connects to the network with maximum speed and reliability, no matter what anyone else is doing on the network or how many other networks are in the vicinity. The benefits of Wireless AC are considerable.

First, and most obvious, is better performance. Older wireless networks utilise the 2.4 GHz frequency, which has become cluttered with too many wireless devices (and possibly your neighbour’s wireless network as well). It’s also prone to interference from electrical devices like cordless phones and microwaves. As a result, WiFi connections often seem to drop for no reason, usually at the worst possible time. By contrast, Wireless AC utilises the 5 GHz band. With fewer devices and other networks using it, it is relatively free from congestion, so high performance is maintained. To understand this difference, imagine other cars caught in a traffic jam, while you speed through the empty bus lane.

The other side of this improved performance coin is that Wireless AC offers greater channel bandwidth. Continuing with our driving analogy, older networks resemble a three-lane motorway, whereas Wireless AC is a six-lane one. Naturally traffic – your data – can pass through more quickly. The result is that new applications like streaming HD media over the local network become possible, so for instance you can connect a digital video recorder (DVR) wirelessly in any room of the house to stream HD media, or synch your files wirelessly in a fraction of the time it takes now.

These enhancements also mean that more of your existing WiFi devices can connect at their maximum rated speed. They can even be separated by frequency for better performance: your current computers, consoles, IP cameras, and the like can use the 2.4 GHz band, while newer Wireless AC enabled ones connect at 5.0 GHz. There’s a good chance that your next smartphone, tablet, or other wireless device will support Wireless AC, too. It’s already being included on laptops and popular handsets from Samsung and HTC. If you’d rather not wait, you can also add a USB Wireless AC adapter like the D-Link DWA-182 to your notebook or desktop computer.

Less obviously, Wireless AC in mobile devices is also good for battery life. When your smartphone or tablet connects to a Wireless AC network, your data is transmitted faster, making your device more energy-efficient. With more battery life and faster data transfer rates, you can get more done in the same period of time, and use your device longer.

So, are you ready to upgrade to the future of wireless? D-Link offers the widest range of Wireless AC Cloud Routers on the market, from the fully-loaded DIR-865L, which boasts maximum performance and an industry-leading set of features, all the way down to entry-level models. Whether you’re a technology enthusiast who wants the latest and greatest, a parent who wants a way for the whole family to connect without hassles, or a student on a limited budget, D-Link makes a router just for you, so you pay for only the performance and features you need, and always get a router that’s attractive and future-proof.