Ensure you have fast Wi-Fi over the Xmas Period and make the most of your Xmas gadgets


The router is the gateway to the majority of the technology you will have in your home. Quite a statement, but when you think of the way in which gaming for instance or the way in which we view television has changed it’s evident that in today’s society there is a large dependence on Internet connectivity to maximise the best out of your devices.

Over the Xmas period the demands placed on your network are likely to increase with everyone enjoying time off, for this reason it’s important that you are well equipped in order to deal with that demand, and this can be helped by purchasing a quality router. You could have the best speeds on offer from your Internet Service Provider, but if you don’t have a router that’s capable of utilising those speeds, it simply won’t matter. Like anything you need all of the components to ensure that it all works. And this applies when looking to achieve the best Internet speeds you can get in your home. If you’re an adopter of smart home technology it’s particularly important to make the investment, as more often than not the router provided by your Internet Service Provider is simply not up to scratch when it comes to multiple Internet connected devices throughout your home.

Luckily for you however, it’s not too late to ensure your Xmas gadgets run smoothly without the frustration of having to constantly reboot your Wi-Fi. D-Link has an extensive portfolio of products to ensure that you have an option available to you that best suits your requirements, from our more affordable EXO routers that offer speeds of up to 1300Mbps, right up to our high-end gaming routers such as the Ultra Wi-Fi router capable of speeds up to 3.2Gbps, D-Link has a router that will meet your internet demands and utilise the speeds on offer from your Internet Service Provider, allowing you to seamlessly connect more devices to the network, and still enjoy fast and smooth speeds.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a large home or would prefer a wired connection when gaming there are other connectivity products products that can assist you in achieving a reliable and fast network in your home. Wi-Fi range extenders and PowerLines for instance can be particularly useful in extending Internet coverage throughout your home. Wi-Fi range extenders are perfect if you have hard to reach areas in your home such as a garage or even some bedrooms where Wi-Fi will simply not reach, offering a potential solution in addressing Wi-Fi black spots.

PowerLines on the other hand are perfect if you want a wired connection to a games console or media streamer such as Sky or Virgin Media. These discreet devices plug into the router and then into the device in which you want a wired connection and from there you’re all good to go. PowerLines are quite literally plug and play and you can be up and running straight out of the box. They essentially offer a wired network as PowerLines send signals across a home’s electrical wiring, whilst this is not a new phenomenon standards have greatly increased in recent times, with PowerLines now capable of offering Gigabit speeds. D-Link offers two standards (500Mbps and a Gigabit) set at different price brackets so it’s dependent on your needs as to what you think you will require.

To ensure you have fast and seamless Internet throughout your home during the Xmas period, it’s important to invest in the Internet solution you have in your home, whether that involves purchasing a new router or investing in peripheral devices such as PowerLines or Wi-Fi range extenders.

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Looking to Achieve Extreme Wi-Fi Coverage?

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 11.14.49

The home network is now tasked with the challenge of handling a number of devices. However as many of us have experienced, it is not always up to the task.

With that in mind, and following the launch of our highly successful Ultra Performance series, we have now launched a new range of routers, blending exceptional design with powerful wireless AC home networking performance. Our brand new EXO routers offer impressive speed but at an incredibly affordable price to ensure your router performance at home isn’t compromised.

Whilst the design may be sleek, it’s what’s inside that counts with two EXO routers, the AC1900 (Dir-879) and the slightly smaller AC1750 (Dir-869). Both routers boast a host of excellent features, ranging from wireless AC technology, high-power amplifiers to optimise wireless range, and gigabit ports that provide the option of wired connectivity.

The AC1900 EXO router comes equipped with smart connect. What this means is that the router is capable of automatically choosing between two Wi-Fi channels, 2.4GHz and 5GHz, connecting your network to the best, clearest band available, making for a fast and smooth network throughout the home. Meanwhile, the AC1750 is capable of Gigabit wireless connectivity, allowing you to create a blazingly fast home network.

The combination of excellent performance, affordability and a sleek and stylish design, make for a router that you’d be proud to display, ensuring your home network is up to the task of dealing with anything you throw at it. With the router acting as the gateway to you smart home it’s paramount that you have one up to the task.

 For more information:

AC1900 (Dir-879) £163.09 – http://www.dlink-direct.co.uk/dir-879

AC1750 (Dir-869) £130.31 – http://www.dlink-direct.co.uk/dir-869




Next-generation gaming

GamingThe upcoming PS4 release shows we have come a long way from the days when you had to blow on a cartridge to make a game work. Gaming now uses staggering amounts of computing power that make an average desktop PC from the mid-90s look like an abacus by comparison. The next generation of games promises better graphics rendered in intricate detail and a more immersive, life-like landscapes than ever before. Previously this has meant all this data has had to be loaded onto a disc, but the biggest difference heralded by devices such as the PS4 is that videogames sold in physical format are going the way of CDs, DVDs and the Dodo. Future videogame releases will now be download-only and this means a monumental amount of data will need to be downloaded from the internet. Furthermore, gamers are now able to play parts of games while the game is downloading, streaming straight from the internet at the same time. For those gamers with difficulty getting wireless signal in certain parts of the house, PowerLine technology can make sure they the same gaming experience throughout the home. However, a reliable and high-speed internet connection will remain key to ensuring a great gaming experience without users having to wait years for the dreaded buffer “circle of death” to disappear.

The future of gaming is also looking to leverage the power of the cloud to bring gaming to all your devices in the home or wherever you go with an internet connection. You will be able to seamlessly stream any game that you purchase and download to your console to any internet connected device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. This is set to be a game changer (pardon the pun) in the market, but will all be useless if you patchy and unreliable wireless access that barely extends into the next room. So a strong wireless connection that targets your devices when you need it most is vital. Next-generation gaming is seriously breaking new ground and making greater demands on technology, but the right home wireless network you can make sure you reach the next level.

Getting serious about online gaming

Halo 4 sold $220 million in its first week, exceeding revenues of most box-office movies and this was driven significantly by the game’s massive online community using multi-player mode all around the world. It used to be that plumbers jumping on mushrooms and monkeys throwing barrels were the most technologically advanced pastimes that we could manage in our own homes. These games, in all their 16-bit glory, could easily consume the evening of any 6 year old and have parents with PhDs hanging their heads in frustration they could never seem to get past the first level.

As consoles have developed and broadband internet has become commonplace in people’s homes, gaming has broadened out to include a wider age group of users and whole communities that are connected over the internet. Games like this create a whole online world in which some games carry on indefinitely as different gamers continually log in from locations all around the world. These games, with their fast-moving sequences, increasingly in full HD, rely on a strong internet connection to make the gaming experience as immersive and close to real life as possible.

On the other hand, broadband is a fixed resource in any home and the demands of the online gamers need to be balanced with the rest of the household. Flat mates and family members will not be best pleased that internet experience has ground to a halt because the online gamer is busy “bringing the pain” to all and sundry over the internet.

Fortunately, smarter technology now means that home internet services can be resilient enough to cope. Online gaming may not be the best way to stay social with others in the home, but at least gamers can now avoid annoying others unnecessarily. The latest wireless standards such as wireless N and now 802.11ac  mean that wireless internet can deliver greater speeds and performance for gaming than ever before.  Being tucked away in abedroom far away from the home router is less of a problem these days as PowerLine technology can help extend the internet connection over the house’s existing electric wiring. No longer do gamers don’t need to worry about their connection cutting off just before they are about to capture the flag and revel in eternal online glory with their teammates.

When it comes to online gaming, it seems getting a decent internet connection in the home really can be all fun and games.