The Latest Addition to the mydlink Home Family

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Smart Home technology is now far more advanced then it was when we first launched our mydlink Home range of products. Currently in todays market there is a number of technologies on offer from a number of different manufacturers, so for the average consumer this can be quite a daunting and confusing situation.

The mydlink Home range however aims to dispel this confusion, our range of products all work in conjunction with each to create a smart home, rather than a random assortment of smart home products. This interoperability between our products is essentially the difference maker for consumers looking to create a smart home and a factor in them solely choosing D-Link products.

Our latest offering to our mydlink Home range is the DCS-8200LH – a versatile camera capable of a 180-degree view. The benefits of this are immense, providing you with the capability to get coverage of an entire room without the need to pan or tilt, or in fact set up multiple cameras. Simply setup the camera in the corner of the room and you can enjoy complete coverage thanks to the cameras fish eye lens and 720p resolution giving you a crisp and sharp resolution.

Not only this but it can be linked with IFTTT, what this means is that you can set up actions to work in conjunction with other IFTTT devices. The below Infographic displays these actions:

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mydlink Home Smart Survey


Our latest blog post highlights some of the findings that came out of our recent smart home survey, in which we interviewed 8,500 consumers across Europe to better understand their needs and wants from smart home technology.

 Our lives are now more connected than ever before. We rely on our smartphones, tablets and laptops to connect with the people around us. Now we are beginning to use the same technologies to connect to our homes in a way we’ve never done before – making them smarter, safer, more economical and convenient to live in.

Many people think that a ‘smart home’ is an umbrella term for devices like connected fridges, that have the know-how to add milk to the shopping list when we use the last bottle, or robotic hoovers, that know when you leave the house before coming out to clean. However, the convenience of this type of smart home technology is not what is driving most of us to take the first steps in connecting with our homes. The real revolution in the adoption of technologies in Europe is being driven by one of our basic instincts – the need to be safe and secure.

Through our survey findings, we discovered that keeping a home safe and secure was by far the leading reason people are choosing to adopt smart home technologies, with 44% of respondents stating it as their main reason over saving money. More than a third of respondents also mentioned the appeal of managing the house when going to bed, as thanks to home automation there would be no more having to go back downstairs to switch off the lights, lock doors and check windows are closed.

Having all of this technology in our homes isn’t beneficial if it’s awkward to set up and manage. Our study group agreed, with over half of respondents stating that they wanted to manage everything to do with the smart home, from a single app on their phone. After all how can we really have smart homes if the system we manage them from isn’t smart or simple at all.


Looking to Achieve Extreme Wi-Fi Coverage?

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The home network is now tasked with the challenge of handling a number of devices. However as many of us have experienced, it is not always up to the task.

With that in mind, and following the launch of our highly successful Ultra Performance series, we have now launched a new range of routers, blending exceptional design with powerful wireless AC home networking performance. Our brand new EXO routers offer impressive speed but at an incredibly affordable price to ensure your router performance at home isn’t compromised.

Whilst the design may be sleek, it’s what’s inside that counts with two EXO routers, the AC1900 (Dir-879) and the slightly smaller AC1750 (Dir-869). Both routers boast a host of excellent features, ranging from wireless AC technology, high-power amplifiers to optimise wireless range, and gigabit ports that provide the option of wired connectivity.

The AC1900 EXO router comes equipped with smart connect. What this means is that the router is capable of automatically choosing between two Wi-Fi channels, 2.4GHz and 5GHz, connecting your network to the best, clearest band available, making for a fast and smooth network throughout the home. Meanwhile, the AC1750 is capable of Gigabit wireless connectivity, allowing you to create a blazingly fast home network.

The combination of excellent performance, affordability and a sleek and stylish design, make for a router that you’d be proud to display, ensuring your home network is up to the task of dealing with anything you throw at it. With the router acting as the gateway to you smart home it’s paramount that you have one up to the task.

 For more information:

AC1900 (Dir-879) £163.09 –

AC1750 (Dir-869) £130.31 –




The World’s First 180-Degree Wireless AC Camera

DCS 960L Front

In this weeks blog post, we’re going to take a look at our recently launched 180° wireless camera (DCS-960L). This is the worlds first 180° Wireless AC camera meaning image clarity won’t distort and you can now get camera coverage of an entire room, without the need to pan and tilt or have multiple cameras set up.

The DCS-960L offers a horizon-wide view that easily captures your entire room, wall-to-wall, in high-quality 720p – it’s home security with an eye for detail. Unlike traditional cameras, the revolutionary DCS-960L uses an ultra-wide view lens to give you a full 180° field of view, letting you cover an entire room with a single camera. Forget about pan and tilt cameras, view everything in real-time.

Night vision built-in infrared LEDs allows for viewing of up to 5 metres in complete darkness, enabling round-the-clock monitoring of a home or office. Get your Wi-Fi camera set up within minutes, and place it just about anywhere in your home. The free mydlink Lite app is available for iOS, Android Devices, and Windows Phones.

A pre-installed 16GB microSD card allows you to record video directly onto the camera, without the need of a computer. You can setup the camera to record only when motion is detected for up to 7 days. The camera can also send email alerts whenever motion is detected. The DCS-960L offers Wireless AC connectivity and takes advantage of the latest wireless AC technology to give you a high bandwidth connection. Not only does this offer smooth HD video streaming from your camera, it also provides more flexibility on where the cameras can be placed.

The DCS-960L can be set up in a matter of minutes with the free mydlink Lite app available for IOS, Android devices and Windows Phones. The app has no monthly services, 2-way audio, pinch-zoom, and select video quality.

With D-Link’s DCS-960L deployed in your home you can make sure that none of the action is missed, making it the perfect solution for securing your home.



Great Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas soon approaching, you need to start racking your brains about potential gift ideas. With that in mind we’ve made that process a little easier with our list of desirable high-end products. We’ve a gift for everyone!

  1. Music everywhere – this little device is capable of transforming your old Hi-Fi speakers into wireless ones. Music everywhere also doubles up as a wireless range extender, so you can extend your Internet access to those hard to reach areas.

£19.95 from Richer Sounds –


  1. New Powerline kits – Our new powerline kits are designed to give you the option of a wired connection for your devices. Connect your games console or smart TV to ensure a reliable connection, both during Christmas and after!

AV500 starter kit £19.95 –

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 12.34.17.png

  1. Ultra Wi-Fi router – our fastest router to date will make the perfect gift this Christmas for anyone looking to improve the speed of their home network. It’s a great looking gift for Christmas too!

£203.95 from Amazon –

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  1. Mydlink smart home products – our range of smart home products are designed to automate your home and make your life easier. All of the products are designed to work individually or in conjunction with each other, making them an ideal gift for the student, professional user or technology fan in your family!

£99.99 –

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Who’s on your network?

Home networkWorried that people you don’t know might be connecting to your network? Concerned that the kids are browsing the Web when they should be in bed? Don’t just sit there worrying – do something about it! A home wireless network is incredibly convenient. That convenience, however comes at a price, not least being unable to tell who might be connecting to your home network and what they are up to. When everything was done with cables it was all so easy as, without a wire, nobody could connect to your router making it hard to sneak in and use it un-noticed. Likewise, if you wanted to stop the kids surfing after hours you simply “pulled the plug” at the router end and that was it for the night. Wi-Fi, however, adds a cloak of invisibility, which means having to get a little bit creative and delve into some of the more advanced router options to keep a lid on network use. But then, some of the simplest precautions can be the most effective, such as managing the security password needed to connect to your router in the first place

Pulling the Wi-Fi plug

It’s easy. When the kids need access, and you’re there to keep an eye on them, you can change your password to something they know, otherwise it can be set back to something secret. Of course that can be a bit tedious so check if your router will let you configure more than one wireless network (referred to as an SSID), each with its own security settings including a password. Furthermore look for time and date controls to limit when each network can be used and setup one tightly-controlled SSID for the kids and another, more relaxed network for the grown-ups. Most routers also let you manage access using the MAC address hardwired into every network device, typically, by blocking connections unknown addresses. This can take a while to setup, but it isn’t difficult and is a very easy way of preventing neighbours or passers-by using your router to connect to the Internet without your knowledge, even if they manage to crack your password.

Making sure

Another common option is the ability to see a list of devices actively connected to and using your router. Some can even log this information so that you don’t have to sit watching for intruders all the time. Logging and other basic tools are to be found on most  free routers bundled with broadband these days, although you may have to poke around in the Web management interface to find them. In some cases, however, you will have to upgrade to something better to get them but that’s not as hard as it sounds and you can also take the opportunity to add other extras. Extras like the ability to monitor and manage your network remotely, available on the latest D-Link Cloud routers which, with the free mydlink smartphone app, make it easy to check who’s on your network and make sure the kids are in bed no matter where you are.

Next-generation gaming

GamingThe upcoming PS4 release shows we have come a long way from the days when you had to blow on a cartridge to make a game work. Gaming now uses staggering amounts of computing power that make an average desktop PC from the mid-90s look like an abacus by comparison. The next generation of games promises better graphics rendered in intricate detail and a more immersive, life-like landscapes than ever before. Previously this has meant all this data has had to be loaded onto a disc, but the biggest difference heralded by devices such as the PS4 is that videogames sold in physical format are going the way of CDs, DVDs and the Dodo. Future videogame releases will now be download-only and this means a monumental amount of data will need to be downloaded from the internet. Furthermore, gamers are now able to play parts of games while the game is downloading, streaming straight from the internet at the same time. For those gamers with difficulty getting wireless signal in certain parts of the house, PowerLine technology can make sure they the same gaming experience throughout the home. However, a reliable and high-speed internet connection will remain key to ensuring a great gaming experience without users having to wait years for the dreaded buffer “circle of death” to disappear.

The future of gaming is also looking to leverage the power of the cloud to bring gaming to all your devices in the home or wherever you go with an internet connection. You will be able to seamlessly stream any game that you purchase and download to your console to any internet connected device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. This is set to be a game changer (pardon the pun) in the market, but will all be useless if you patchy and unreliable wireless access that barely extends into the next room. So a strong wireless connection that targets your devices when you need it most is vital. Next-generation gaming is seriously breaking new ground and making greater demands on technology, but the right home wireless network you can make sure you reach the next level.