Importance or reliance on wireless and connectivity

Now despite the fact that many of us have experienced life before Wi-Fi, it has now become almost impossible to think about life without it. We can probably take a break from family, friends, chocolates and 4% are even willing to give up showers but we can’t seem to take a break from our obsession with the online world. It has become apparent that only 3% of the UK would be willing to give up good Wi-Fi for a week, however, for the rest of the 97% – it is necessity.

Once the world got a taste of the internet, there was no going back. The world started to demand easier access and speedy services. Society started to rely on their devices to connect and communicate to the outside world from the comfort of their own homes, as handwritten letters became emails and texts, extensive lines at the local bank restored to online banking apps. There was certainly no looking back.

According to Dr. Abraham Maslow’s famously published title ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ in 1943, the basic essentials included food, water and warmth however it is argued that Wi-Fi is now a basic need and although many of us will think this is absurd, ask yourself this – can you survive days without the internet? This begs another question: how does Maslow’s hierarchy of needs manifest today?








It is hard to deny that the feeling of love and belonging has been essentially addressed by technology. Social media has had a huge impact to communicate and share with our loved ones, whether that’s sharing our thoughts on twitter, photos of our friends and families on Facebook and the food we eat on Instagram but nonetheless it’s also an essential factor in the business world. It is said that faster internet connection for any business will help actualise greater profits – we are connected now more than ever.

Wi-Fi connection is an important relationship in itself. There is nothing worse than bad Wi-Fi connection and more than 1 in 3 Brits experience bad connectivity once a week or more and no matter how many times you will turn the router on and off again, sometimes it seems all hope is lost.

Wi-Fi connection can be determined by surroundings we cannot help. Many times it can simply be the construction of the house or where the router has been positioned and for these cases, we have an answer. Mesh solutions. Mesh solution means that there is only one SSID that the devices are connected to throughout the house and with its built-in smart steering technology of Wi-Fi – this eliminates the need for multiple powerline and/or range extender devices. You’ll stay seamlessly connected when moving room to room or changing floors and even bringing the internet with you into your garden!

This is the D-Link Covr AC1200 Dual Band Whole Home Wi-Fi system and you can purchase this on:

Moral of the story: Good stable Wi-Fi connection does improve our lives.

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