Who’d Have Thought That The Smart Home Would be Such a Mesh.

The TV is working perfectly, the front door is open, someone’s got the oven on and everyone’s doing their own thing.  Things are getting meshy

Picture the scene. Mum has arrived home everything seems too quiet. Mum doesn’t like it. She suspect there’s something going on. And then she spots the signs.

There’s an unwatched pot on the stove – but it turns out Dad is monitoring it from another room.

Somebody has left the backdoor open. There’s an innocent explanation for this too, because DD (dear daughter) has got the whole situation under control. She’s watching TV with her friends while keeping an eye on Molly, the family Cockerpoo, through her iPhone. Molly heard a squirrel but she who can’t make her mind up if she want to come in or go out. Once she has made her mind up, DD will close the door with a few commands on her phone. Then let her back in again, as and when.

Meanwhile DS (Dear Son) has invited all the world and his friend around to witness him playing World of WarCraft. Virtually. He’s over-clocked his computer to get the full processing power needed for competitive gaming on a global battle field. Mum is pleased to see, on the house power management system, that everything is under control.

Meanwhile Granny is on a video conference with her friend from the drop in centre. It’s amazing how easy these systems are now. Gran had more trouble adjusting to decimal currency than she had with this new Zoom video system.

The place is spotless, and the air has never smelt fresher – but that’s not down to anyone here. That’s down to the robotic vacuum cleaner that pushed itself to the limits earlier on today. Once the robo-hoover had finished, it told the air conditioning system. They talk regularly and seem to be striking up a close working relationship. Mesh brought them together and now their Internet of Things relationship is more than just a sum of their parts. They are a team – and a very smart one at that too.

Everything is tidy and to most people it would seem like a model home.

Does Mum agree? “Boy, this place is a Mesh,” mum exclaims.

That is high praise indeed.

A Mesh, you see, is the new slang for a house that is in perfect working order, which displays absolute cohesion. It dates back to July 2018, the date of the invention of a seamless system of Wi-Fi called Covr.

That was last week which, we hardly need reminding, is a long long time in the Internet Age.

Shall we remind ourselves how we got to this point?

A mesh, in technical terms, is a fine network with infinitely small cells, enabling it to thoroughly cover an area. The cells are independent and yet capable of interaction. The Mesh became synonymous with a Wi-Fi network packed with many tiny cells, which gave the network the capacity to address entities on its network with great detail. Mesh was initially a generic term, but it is associated with D Link, a pioneer in this field.

It was D Link’s Covr offering which brought seamless Wifi to the smart home. How? That’s too complex to describe in full, but the short answer is that it created more channels of communication, widened the spectrum and made the speed of interaction quicker.

This was all part of the Wave 2 incarnation of Wifi (or 802.11ac, for those of you interested in standards).

The most exciting aspect of this was the use of MU-MIMO, a mode of communication that is capable of supporting Multiple Users, across Multiple Inputs and Multiple Outputs.

To imagine the difference this makes, picture a bank with only one very old teller sitting at one counter. Now image that arrangement has been upgraded so there are four tellers and each is capable of multi-taking so they can service four separate queues at once. This increases the speed of through sixteen times. Mu-MIMO has the same effect, only a lot faster.

Some won’t even know what a bank tell it, because nobody goes into the bank anymore. They are all jumping on the Wifi at home and accessing their bank accounts at speeds of up to one gigabyte per second.

D Link’s Mesh has got everything under Covr.