Leave your worries behind this Easter as you take your home on holiday

It may be hard to believe that we are nearly a quarter of the way through the year and we’re already approaching Easter time! Not only does this mean the beginning of Spring, an excuse to eat lots of chocolate, and an opportunity to spend time with family as the kids are off from school, but many of us may also be looking forward to enjoying some time away in the sun. While holidays should be a relaxed affair, they can sometimes cause anxiety due to thoughts such as ‘Did I shut all the windows?’ ‘Is the house secure?’ and ‘What if I left the oven on?’  At D-Link, we appreciate that holidays should strictly be a time for fun, family and refreshment, and thankfully due to our latest innovations in home security technology, we hope that that worries about your home will be the last thing on your mind this Easter.

Our recent research discovered that 59% of respondents that said that they would worry less about what was happening at home while they’re out and about if they could monitor it on their phone. It’s clear to understand why, as the ability to keep an eye on what’s going on would give consumers much greater peace of mind, whether this is to ensure the pets are being properly looked after by the pet-sitter, to check the older children aren’t throwing parties or to just generally be assured that everything is OK in your absence.

D-Link’s two new indoor cameras, the DCS-8000LH Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera, the DCS-8100HD 180 Degree WiFi Camera and the newly launched outdoor camera, the DCS-2670L full HD 180 Outdoor WiFi Camera which is robust enough to withstand dust, rain and snow, make all of this possible as they can work effortlessly with the recently revamped mydlink app.

The cameras provide a simple solution that enable users to monitor both the inside and outside of their homes at all times in 1080p Full HD resolution. Featuring motion and sound detection, they can instantly record any sudden movement or activity, and send video alerts to a user’s phone. They even feature a night-time mode for round-the-clock home monitoring and peace of mind.  You can access, control, view and share content from all of the D-Link cameras in your home on the phone app, which can be controlled, automated and monitored from a personal account – creating your own home cloud, accessible from anywhere.

So don’t worry about going away and enjoy a truly care-free and relaxing holiday this Easter as you remain assured by D-Link that your home is easily viewable, no matter where you are.

Shop the whole range here.


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