Do you suffer from Wi-Fi withdrawals?

If you think that you can’t cope without Wi-Fi, you’re not alone! Recent consumer research conducted by D-Link found that 95% of respondents agreed that they couldn’t bear to stay disconnected from the internet at home for just one week. Our research explored consumer insights into Wi-Fi black spots around the home and consumers’ reliance on a quality Wi-Fi connection. More specifically, we asked consumers what they would be most prepared to sacrifice for a week, from a range of options including Wi-Fi, alcohol, exercise, showering, coffee/tea, holidays and more. The results of the research, interestingly, found that other than heating/air conditioning  – or one of their fingers – good internet Wi-Fi coverage everywhere at home, was the least likely thing that respondents would be willing to give up for a week!
DIR-878_A1_Image L(Front).png
Therefore, it is evident that in today’s digital society many of us are heavily reliant on a good, steady internet connection, whether this is for work, shopping, streaming TV shows, staying connected via social media, gaming, or general internet browsing. However, despite this high demand for a good quality Wi-Fi connection, our research also found that nearly a quarter of respondents across the UK believe they suffer from poor Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi blackspots at home, with respondents experiencing, on average, poor connectivity and Wi-Fi Blackspots at home three times per week, with some of the worst-affected areas in the U.K being Edinburgh and Bristol.

Luckily, D-Link has a solution to ensure that you do not have to deal with this frequent but frustrating problem – the recently launched DIR-878 EXO AC1900 and DIR-882 EXO AC2600 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Gigabit Routers. Both have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the ever-increasing demand on home routers. The routers effortlessly offer all-encompassing Wi-Fi coverage with the help of Smart Beam technology, enabling users to connect effortlessly from around the house, while the router does the hard work, steering signal to where it is most needed. Couple this with MU-MIMO technology, and the frustrations of Wi-Fi black spots and a consequently a lagging, slow Wi-Fi experience in the home, can be left behind!  Why not see for yourself why the routers make the ideal choice for any household that is heavily reliant on a good quality Wi-Fi connection, by learning more here.



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