The Alarming Truth About Your Home Security System

With police-recorded crime rate being higher than ever, having increased by 10% across England and Wales in 2017*, including an increase in burglary, it is clear to see why society is more security-conscious than ever before. This increase indicates that typical security systems such as security alarms are not effective solutions to combating the problem.

Recent research by D-Link may give us some insight as to why this may be. Interestingly, the research found that 39% of respondents said that if they heard a security alarm in their local area, their initial assumption would be that it had been set off by mistake, with only one in six saying that their initial assumption would be that it had been set off by unusual activity, suggesting that to many people, a home alarm is part of the daily soundscape of life, and therefore they are not always taken seriously. Despite this, when asked about the safety of their own homes when they are not there, household security is at the forefront of people’s concerns as just under a quarter of respondents regularly worrying about someone to break in. This indicates that further security measures are needed.

DCS-2670L_A1_Image H(Side_Right)

D-Link’s research also found that 42% of respondents agreed that they would worry less about what was happening at home if they could monitor it on their phone. D-Link’s newly launched HD Wi-Fi cameras, the DCS-8000LH Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera, the DCS-8100HD 180 Degree Wi-Fi Camera, and for your outdoor needs; the DCS-2670L Full HD 180° Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera,  are the ideal solution as they make it easy for you to monitor, automate and control your home from anywhere, at anytime from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet via the Mydlinkapp. This enables you to experience HD 720p resolution viewing from your mobile device, along with a number of embedded security features such as motion and sound detection that can send alerts to the users phone as well as trigger video recording, for maximum security.  The cameras can be placed at key points of entry, feature a night time mode for round-the-clock monitoring and have the ability to record and play back video footage for maximum home security.


The cameras make the ideal choice to provide any home-owner with a secure and reliable security system at an affordable price point.

See the whole range here. 


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