The must have device all go-getters are talking about

If you’re reading this then you’re connected! However. For how long?
A Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot is a portable palm-sized gadget, which once you insert a SIM
card you are granted internet access via your own private internet connection. Using
your own SIM affords you the lowest data rates, particularly when you travel
internationally and of course no need for any further contracts.
– Connect your high-speed mobile broadband connection to multiple Wi-Fi devices
such as smartphones, tablets and notebook computers.
– A built-in firewall protects against attacks over the Internet, and industry-standard
WPA/WPA2 security prevents unauthorised access to your network.
– Small enough to fit in your pocket with high-capacity rechargeable battery, lets you
work and play for longer on the go.
D-Link DWR-932 Mobile Wi-Fi 4G Hotspot 150 Mbps

The DWR-932 4G/LTE Mobile Router is a 4G/LTE Cat4 high-speed broadband Wi-Fi
mobile hotspot. The DWR-932 uses a 4G Internet connection to give you a simple and
fast Wi-Fi network anywhere you need. Instead of limiting your mobile Internet
connection to a single device through a USB dongle, the DWR-932 allows you to create
a Wi-Fi hotspot to share your Internet connection with multiple devices. The portable
size and battery powered enabled you to share your connection anywhere. Share a
single mobile Internet connection with your friends or colleagues to send and receive e-
mail, surf the Internet or make VoIP calls, on multiple devices, all at the same time.
D-Link DWR-730 Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot 21 Mbps

The Portable HSPA+ 21 Mbps Router (DWR-730) allows you to connect your notebook,
tablet and smartphone to the Internet from anywhere there is a 3G connection and
share this connection with other users wirelessly. This router is ideal for people that
need a portable solution, for example remote workers or people that are moving house
and need a temporary Internet connection.
With both of these products, they may not seem like much…but they pack multiple
benefits in the real world.
– Offers instant Wi-Fi access to devices that can’t utilise a mobile data connection –
mobile Wi-Fi creates that wireless network.
– Through mobile Wi-Fi you can potentially save money (up to roughly £100!)
compared to buying a data SIM with your tablet.
– Avoid having to use the hotel/airport Wi-Fi (that is potentially slow and infuriating)
that you tend to pay for – maximising signal strength and connection quality.
– Turns your 3G device in to an instant 4G hungry device.
– Fast download speeds.
So as you can see a mobile broadband devices, mi-fi, portable hotspots, dongles –
whatever you call them, they’re great for getting online from just about anywhere; grab
yourself one!


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