How to keep your home secure this Autumn and Winter

October marks National Security Month (NSM) in the UK, and with day light saving time over, there will be an increased cover of darkness as we draw closer to colder months. Although many of us may prefer warmer and brighter days, burglars certainly do not, as they have more opportunity to break in to homes with the added protection of darkness before home owners return from their day. In fact, research by the Co-operative Insurance Group shows that after the clocks go back, burglaries spike by a staggering 38%*. We at D-Link understand the importance of home security and being assured that your home, family and belongings are protected, which is why in light of NSM we have compiled unique research and put together our top tips on how you can keep your home secure, during this period.

TIP 1: Don’t advertise on social media
Although it is common nowadays to post frequent life updates on social media, if you are going away for a break or to visit family this Winter, you should think carefully about what you post online. The idea of sharing your exciting holiday or family snaps online can be tempting, but it can also be dangerous as it advertises an empty home to burglars. The more people who know your house will be or is empty, the more you put yourself at risk to the possibility of a break in. Instead, try to just share your pictures directly with family and friends, or wait until after you return before posting.

TIP 2: Secure windows and doors
Ensure you keep all doors and windows closed and locked whenever you leave the house. Whilst this may seem obvious, our research found that 20% of those asked have left their doors unlocked before, so it’s important to check before leaving the house, as open windows and doors are viewed by burglars as an open invitation to your home.

TIP 3: Reconsider everyday habits
Often, it is some of the small everyday habits that people have that hold the greatest influence on the level of security of their home. Making simple changes to behaviour such as always setting alarms, changing security codes on a frequent basis, leaving radios or lights in your house on to make the property appeared occupied, and keeping all keys out of sight and away from the letterbox, can make a significant difference and deter an attack.

TIP 4: Ensure you have a security solution installed
Our research found that only 9% of those asked had security cameras installed, and just 18% had movement sensors installed.  Smart home solutions like these can be simple to install and highly effective, and can even give you control and quick real-time viewing of your home via a mobile phone/tablet. What’s more, with a 180 degree, HD view of your home, there’s a good chance you won’t miss a trick. This is why D-Link has created the DCS-960L .

The DCS-960L is the world’s first 180-degree Wireless AC Wide Eye Camera, offering a horizon-wide view that easily captures your entire room, wall-to-wall, in high- quality 720p, making it a home security solution with an eye for detail. Featuring unique de-warping technology, it maximises the video quality with minimal distortion, letting you see more of your home at a glance.  What’s more, it offers video recording, motion/sound detection and the ability to view and control from your smartphone, tablet or computer, as well as receiving push notifications to your mobile device when any suspicious movement or sound is detected. Simple to set up and use, the DCS-960L is the ideal solution for any home owner.

DCS-960L_A1_Image L(Side_Right)

At D-Link, we do not just want to help to protect people from financial loss, but also the psychological trauma and stress of a home burglary. That’s why we understand the need to create innovative solutions to help you keep you and your home as secure as possible, all year around.