Achieving Wi-Fi Everywhere and Anywhere

DWR-118_A1_Image L(Front)

Are you looking for a router that not only provides your home with blisteringly fast speeds but also gives you the option of Wi-Fi on the go with 4G support? Than look no further as our new router (DWR-118) does exactly that.

The main feature of the DWR-118 is its flexibility in the fact that it can be used to host either a 4G or 3G connection. With dongle support this means that you can take our new router away with you, the quick and easy installation process ensures that you can be set up and running anywhere making it ideal for creating an impromptu network, or where conventional wired connections are unavailable.

We’ve also packed in incredible wireless speeds and advanced network security. By simply pressing the WPS button you can quickly establish a secure connection with the peace of mind that the DWR-118 also utilises dual active firewalls to prevent potential attacks and intruders from the Internet. If you’re looking for a highly affordable router that can meet your home network demands with the flexibility to create a wireless network on the go, then the DWR-118 is for you!

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