Paul Routledge, D-Link’s Country Manager UK and Ireland discusses predictions for 2016 in achieving continued 25% YoY growth

Paul Routledge

Paul Routledge, recently appointed D-Link UK and Ireland Country Manager, reflects on his 20 years of experience in the channel and looks forward to his new role at D-Link, sharing his predictions for 2016.

I’ve been in the channel for over 20 years, 5 of those at D-Link. I was business manager for storage and then went on to develop the IP surveillance business across Europe. The European business development role was a step away from the channel, when I look back at it; it was very much a consultative role. The Country Manager position however is right at the sharp end; we’ve got to be on point every minute of every day to hit our numbers.

It’s now up to me to lead the UK and Ireland team and provide direction; we’ve got a really good team of skilled, experienced people who know what they’re doing. My job is to provide leadership and direction on where we need to go.

In terms of looking ahead and my core channel predictions for 2016, ultimately IT budgets will continue to get tighter, so businesses will want to spend less. Both businesses and consumers will want to buy solutions that will work straight out of the box, will work with their existing technology in their household/business and will provide easy configuration into their existing infrastructure, easy to scale or to change for different needs. As a vendor it is our duty to provide solutions that are future proof, easily scalable, and are flexible enough to be used in different applications. Businesses are certainly going to have to provide future proof products and services.

In terms of innovations I see developing in the market, it is clear to see that smart home technology is clearly emerging in what is a crowded market place. At the moment it’s still very much at a consumer level but I feel this type of technology will certainly roll into business as well as there are many different ways to using it. At the moment there is a lot of vendors with a lot of products, ultimately the man on the street needs to work out how they are going to use this technology.