Achieving Internet Coverage Across the Entire Home


Our previous blog highlighted the effectiveness of our Ultra Wi-Fi router in its ability to run a multitude of devices on one network. However for those of you who are looking to simply increase Wi-Fi coverage across your home, PowerLines can be a very effective tool.

Many of us experience slow Internet speeds when streaming media, video calling or playing online games. Dropped video calls, slow web page loading or a complete lack of coverage in some rooms, are just a few of the frustrations people face every day.

What many people do not realise is that these issues can be resolved by using PowerLines. These clever little devices use your home’s existing electrical wiring to connect devices with your home network, simply by plugging them into standard mains sockets. The process is simple and setup takes minutes. Once you are plugged in to a power socket simply connect with your router and you’re ready to go!

No longer will you experience unnecessary buffering or slow video streaming. PowerLines are also perfectly suited to gaming; simply connect an Ethernet cable between a PowerLine and your console and say hello to lag-free gaming. With PowerLines implemented across your home, Wi-Fi black spots will be a thing of the past leaving you to enjoy the web lag and frustration free.

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