Frustrated With Slow Internet Speeds?

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How many of you have experienced slow Internet speeds when streaming videos, using Netflix or playing online games? Many of us who rely on the Internet as a part of our lives have at some point vented our frustrations when web pages are taking too long to load and videos are struggling to buffer. However rather than simply blaming this on the incredibly broad term ‘internet’, many of us fail to realise that the source of our frustration could perhaps be the router.

With our latest and fastest router to date the Tri-Band Ultra Wi-Fi router, – you can be rest assured that all of your devices are running at their optimum. Long gone are the days of slow streaming and buffering, with this router in the home you can be gaming, streaming or browsing with the ability to run multiple devices all at their maximum performance, now everyone in the same household can benefit and connect to the same router.

This is a router that uses Tri-Band Wi-Fi. In short this means that it is like having three wireless routers rolled up into one, with each band allowing for a greater number of devices supported under one network, meaning more lag free online gaming, 4K media streaming and Facetime on more devices throughout your home.

Simply put, investing in the Ultra Wi-Fi router will ensure that the devices in your home can operate on your wireless internet at the highest level, meaning lower drop-off rates and a smoother experience and faster internet experience for all.