Keeping Your Home Safe During Holiday Season


It’s that time of year again; holiday season is in full swing. With those of us seeking sunnier climes our homes will be left unattended while we are away causing unnecessary worrying on our holidays. According to research, home burglaries increase by 10% during the summer months so there has never been a better time to invest in our range of smart home products – technology that allows you to control, monitor and automate your home.

One key attribute of our range is that the suite of smart home products we offer work together in unity allowing you to keep a watchful eye over your home. For instance you can combine the motion sensor with smart plugs around the home, allowing you to set triggers and alerts via the mydlink Home mobile app, putting your home in the palm of your hand (For instance you can set a rule so once motion is detected the lights will turn on!) The home monitors in the range are also kitted out with motion detection capabilities and can alert you via push notifications and emails when any motion is detected, helping you to keep a watchful eye over your home while you’re away.

For larger homes the mydlink Home Monitor 360 is ideal with pan, tilt and zoom capabilities, controllable from the palm of your hand via the mydlink Home mobile app. This ability is particularly effective as it allows you to monitor wider areas of your home, ensuring that an entire area is covered.

With our smart home technology you have the ability to watch over your home anywhere in the world, ensuring peace of mind and security while you enjoy your summer break.

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