The Beginners Guide to Smart Home Technology


Smart home technology is a new revelation and trends suggest that soon all of us will be buying into this lucrative industry, now due to technological advances the capabilities in the home are endless.

Smart technology focuses on making your life easier and ultimately more enjoyable. The basis of D-Link’s smart home technology is the Smart Plug, allowing users to turn things on or off using their smartphone or tablet through D-Links easy to use range of apps. The Smart Plug is easy to setup and has no monthly costs or subscription charges giving home owners power to instantly control their home from anywhere at a cost effective price. Long gone are the days when you’re out of the house worrying whether you’ve left the hair straighteners on.

To compliment the Smart Plug the mydlink Home Wi-Fi Motion Sensor detects motion, sending notifications to the users device whenever motion is detected. Not only does it strengthen a homes security, it can also be paired with the smart plug, meaning your home can now react to you in amazing ways.

If security is the reason for your interest in smart home technology, you should look no further than the mydlink Home Monitor, providing homeowners with the capability of video surveillance without high installation costs and monthly charges. The mydlink home monitor is available in two models, the Home Monitor 360 and the Home Monitor HD; each provides flexibility in suiting a homeowner’s needs. The 360 pans and tilts to cover wide areas whilst the HD provides full colour high definition in 720p, both offer night vision up to 8 and 5 metres respectively. D-Links smart home technology is manageable from the mydlink Home smartphone and tablet app providing peace of mind to those looking to bolster their home security.

Ultimately D-Link smart home technology can transform your home, improving your security and home entertainment capabilities. This is where the mydlink Home Music Everywhere comes in; this plug allows you to stream all your music from any smart device or computer straight to any connected speaker. As is the basis of all D-Link smart home technology, Music Everywhere allows the user to control music from anywhere in the home in the palm of the hand. Not only this but it extends your wireless coverage, eliminating Wi-Fi dead spots.

Smart home technology now provides homeowners with endless capabilities when it comes to improving the home. Whether you are looking for improved home security or simply looking for technology that can make your life easier and more enjoyable. D-Links smart home technology is designed with everyone’s needs in mind.