A Modern Take on the Christmas Mixing Tape….


So that time of year has arrived again. For those of you who celebrate it, you know Christmas is on the way when your local department store starts putting up Christmas trees in September, X-Factor is back on the TV for yet another year, and, in my household, my wife starts hunting high and low for her Christmas Compilation CDs (for those of you old enough to remember CDs). Oh, joy.

Now, it’s been a bit of a ritual in our house over the past few years with these Christmas Compilation CDs. Being a bit of a ‘Bah-Humbug’ connoisseur myself, I’ve managed to hide the CDs so well in the previous January that, in many cases, they’ve not been found until the vast majority of the festive period has passed. And so I’ve been able to minimise the torment to a few days at most either side of Christmas.

Unfortunately, though, this year things have changed. Big-time. It’s my own fault. It all started when I got hold of one of D-Link’s Music Everywhere gadgets (actually, I’m now up to four of them). My previously old, lifeless 1990s hi-fis and defunct speaker systems were given a new lease of life as I connected them to the Music Everywhere network that I have now set up across four of the rooms in our house. It’s a great system – since it’s digital music, the quality of the streamed music to each device is high, and provided the attached hi-fi or speaker system is of reasonable quality, the system is a great alternative to those wallet-wrenchingly expensive wireless hi-fi systems out there in the market today. And it’s also incredibly simple to use – just point your smartphone or tablet music player to direct the music to whichever D-Link Music Everywhere device you want to play it on, whichever room it may be in, and – voila ! – instant music.

And therein lies the catch – because my wife has also got the Music Everywhere bug. So, thanks to a well known fruit-based media library and store, she’s managed to download her entire Christmas music collection to her fruit-based smartphone (and if that wasn’t bad enough, she’s also bought the full ensemble of Christmas musical scores, from the ‘Wizard of Oz’ to the ‘’Sound of Music) so now I have at least a full month and a half of Slade, Wizzard, Jonah Lewie and other veritable classics to endure. And, luckily for me, not even restricted just to the rooms where we still have a CD player. Oh no, we now have it across at least four rooms in the house.

There’s one final surprise – she has realised that, because we have a D-Link home network supported by mydlink app – she doesn’t have to be in the same room (or even the same house) to play the music in the room. So, imagine my delight this weekend when, expecting a Saturday morning nice lie-in after a hard week at the office, I was woken up rudely upstairs by at least three repeat renditions of that classic, “Dominic the Donkey”, at full volume – all as she was on her way out downstairs to do some Christmas shopping. So now I know the Music Everywhere device also doubles up as a remote alarm and public address system.

Still, at least there’s a silver lining. With my new mydlink D-LINK smart plug, I no longer have to crawl under the Christmas tree four times a day to switch the lights on & off. Now there’s progress. J

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