Top five tips for securing your home for the summer

Spring is very much in the air and thoughts are turning to long days outdoors and even summer holidays.

beach chair


But have you thought about how you can make sure your home is as secure as possible when you’re not there?



Think about the basics:

  1. Check your fences, walls and shrubbery looking for possible hiding areas or easy ways of gaining entry. Low boundaries at the front of your property give maximum visibility, but high walls or fences of approximately 1.8m provide good security at the rear. Any side entrances should be secured with lockable gates.
  2. Do you have a garage or shed? Have you filled either with expensive tools which are not only valuable in their own right, but can also be used to help a criminal break into your home? Make sure you fit strong padlocks and hardware to your garage or shed doors and lock your ladders away!
  3. Don’t forget to check that your door and window frames and locks are secure and in good condition and ensure that valuables are not visible from the outside.
  4. Lighting is also a great way of deterring burglars – motion sensitive lights outside can be effective, as can time switches on your indoor lights to ensure your home is lit when it should be.
  5. Opportunist burglars tend to avoid houses with an intruder alarm fitted but another way to deter burglars and provide evidence should a crime take place is a home surveillance solution. These are more cost-effective than ever and incredibly simple to set up. With D-Link’s mydlink™ solutions you can even view the camera feed via an app on your smartphone or tablet when you’re not there….and our cameras can alert you to any movement they detect – so you can instantly log on to your mydlink app to check everything’s ok…and if it’s not, you’ll have the evidence to report any intruders to the police. Depending on the model you choose, our cameras can either store the footage locally on an SD card, or can send the footage back to be stored on your home storage device, along with your music, files and photos. Although, if you want a storage system that is optimised to work with surveillance footage from D-Link cameras, a Network Video Recorder (NVR) is the way to go. NVRs can record video simultaneously from multiple network cameras without needing a PC. With mydlink™ technology, D-Link’s NVRs can be accessed remotely via a web browser from any computer connected to the Internet, just by logging into your mydlink™ account. Once connected, you can watch live video from any of your cameras, or playback recorded footage with the intuitive on-screen controls.

We have cameras at all price points, that can be set up indoors and outdoors, and many are even able to capture clear footage at night. So, you’ll know instantly if it was just the foxes in the bins, or an issue where you need to call the police.

Keep these tips in mind before you leave for your holidays. Go and relax and enjoy that well-deserved break and leave the security of your home with D-Link’s home surveillance solutions. Peace of mind, no matter where you are.



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