Watching over what’s precious

Protecting what we value most is important to all of us. So we thought we’d give you a rundown of the D-Link products available to provide security to your home and family. Our range of cameras enables you to watch over your home from wherever you are, using an app on your smartphone or tablet, or a web interface on your laptop or computer. Our cameras will even provide you with an alert as soon as they detect motion, so you’ll know instantly if anything is wrong. Once you’ve decided the best camera for your needs then you can find out where to buy one from our website.

One happy D-Link customer has said, “We’re new parents, so as you’d imagine, we’re natural worriers. When we put Alice down in her nursery we like to be able to keep an eye on her. With mydlink™ we can eat dinner, or watch TV downstairs while checking she’s sleeping safely, even in the dark (It’s also an excuse to admire her too!).

Thanks to the free mydlink™ app, James can even check on her from his Smartphone or tablet when he’s away with work. It’s such a simple and easy to use service, we’d recommend it to any parents.”

DCS-825L EyeOn™ Baby Camera

EyeOnKeep an eye on your little one with the EyeOn™ Baby Camera. This portable camera transforms your mobile device into a versatile, yet easy to use baby monitor. Connect to the camera wirelessly at home or through the Internet when you are at work, so you can check on your infant no matter where you are. It’s packed with features to help you care for your child, including motion, sound, and temperature monitoring, as well as night vision, automatic snapshots and recording. It can even play gentle lullabies to help ease your baby to sleep!

DCS-932L Day/Night Cloud Camera

DCS 932LThis is the perfect camera for your home or small office. The built-in IR LEDs let you see what’s going on when there is little or no light, making it perfect for night surveillance.

DCS-933L Day/ Night Cloud Camera

DCS-933LThis Day/Night Cloud Camera delivers high-quality video and with a built-in ICR filter and IR LEDs, so you’ll get clear images in complete darkness to provide you with the ideal 24-hour monitoring solution. Furthermore, the built-in wireless extender function improves your existing network to give your home or office more complete coverage.

DCS-942L Enhanced Day/Night Cloud Camera

DCS 942L FrontThis camera comes fully-equipped with H.264 enhanced video compression that allows you to record up to 5x more footage to the built-in microSD card, when compared to MJPEG. It also comes with enhanced motion detection and night vision features that let you see up to 4.5 metres in pitch black darkness.

 DCS-2310L Outdoor HD PoE Day/Night Cloud camera

DCS-2310This PoE Cloud Camera is built for outdoor use, with weatherproof housing that protects it from dust and rain.

DCS-2332L Outdoor HD Wireless Day/Night Cloud Camera

DCS-2332L This HD camera comes with ePTZ viewing, which lets you zoom in, zoom out, and pan across, so you can survey a large area easily. It also comes with a built-in microSD card slot* so you can record video footage directly to your camera.

DCS-5222L Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cloud Camera

DCS5222Equipped with a high quality 1.0 lux CMOS sensor, the DCS-5222L delivers exceptional picture quality even in low-light conditions. The motorised pan/tilt controls and 4x digital zoom allow you to monitor a large area and zoom to view fine details, and when the PIR sensor detects movement in the area it can trigger recordings.

Why upgrade to Wireless AC?

More than a mere update, the latest Wi-Fi standard moves wireless networking to a whole new level

man at kitchen tableYou may or may not have noticed, but wireless products supporting a new Wi-Fi standard called 802.11ac have been appearing in stores, promising Gigabit performance along with improvements in both wireless range and reliability.

We need this new standard due primarily to our never-ending love affair with all things wireless and a growing expectation that Wi-Fi will be built into each and every electronic device we buy. Not just notebook computers and broadband routers, but smartphones and tablets, satnavs, IP cameras, Hi-Fi systems and the latest TVs. You name it and it’s probably got it – even watches, domestic appliances and cars.

The downside of our insatiable thirst for wireless connectivity, however, is that we’re starting to bump into the limits of what the previous technology (802.11n) is able to deliver. Particularly in terms of the number of devices that can be supported at the same time, the bandwidth we can expect to get plus the range and reliability of wireless connections. We’ve more or less come to the end of the road as far as current wireless technology is concerned. Patches and fixes are of help but the only sure solution is to give up trying to fix it and replace it with something better. Therefore, the biggest change in 802.11ac, is a move away from the over-crowded 2.4GHz spectrum to a relatively empty new “super highway” to be found at 5GHz.

As well as being less crowded there’s also a lot more space up in the 5GHz waveband which means room for a lot more wireless channels. That translates into being able to connect and use more devices at the same time, enabling you to connect smart TVs and set top boxes in different rooms, for example, along with all of your family notebooks, smartphones and tablets. The wireless channels can also be a lot be bigger, so all those devices will benefit from access to a lot more bandwidth.

Moreover, as the technology spreads and becomes more widely available, we’ll be able to use Wi-Fi to make voice calls and work with Internet enabled applications wherever there’s a hotspot to connect to, rather than have to rely on expensive 3G/4G cellular services to stay in touch.

Find out more about D-Link’s range of Wireless AC products.