The rise of tech savvy mums

Tech savvy mumWhile the majority of mums agree that being a mother brings with it considerable challenges as well as rewards, many have used the latest technology to make their lives easier.

What’s key for a new mum? Other mothers’ expertise, making new connections, savvy shopping and putting your feet up when you get the chance! Today, many mums are mastering technology to best utilise their time. New research carried out by Casabu and Mumsnet in November has revealed that more than eighty per cent of mums are shopping online for themselves or their children at least once or twice a month. The survey, which spoke to 1,000 mums, discovered they are also making use of technology such as smartphones and tablets to guarantee they don’t miss out on bargains – with 44% using their smartphones and 31% using computer tablets to shop online with.

The impact technology has had on mums reaches beyond shopping online. The Iam150 study earlier this year showed seven in ten parents use social sites like Facebook and Twitter as a regular channel of communication in their family – with over a third of parents using social websites like Pinterest and Instagram.

But it’s not just mobile technology and social networking sites that are a mum’s best friend. Mums are embracing new baby and parenting gadgets to make everything from baby changing, to breast feeding easier and more simple. Take, for example, our latest baby monitoring camera. It’s got everything rolled into one. In one purchase for the savvy mum, they’ve got thermometers, two way-audio, a choice of lullabies and a Hi-Definition camera, all in one!

And to help busy mum’s relax, D-Link has planned a night of fun for all the family to enjoy – to win one of two great family trips to sleep over with Dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum in London, simply click here and fill in your details.

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