Top five considerations when buying a baby monitoring camera

babyAre you a new parent worried about how to keep an eye on the precious addition to your family? Keeping an eye on a new-born baby or toddler is vital for peace-of-mind and made easier with a baby monitor camera. They provide sight and sound to help you know exactly what’s going on. Wireless network cameras are a great, affordable option, but there are some key things that anyone looking to buy one of these should look out for.

D-Link’s top five considerations are as follows:

1. Check for a security certification

Cameras allow parents to see what’s going on with their baby, but making sure the device is properly security certified is vital to ensuring that no one else has access to the video feed. Similarly, making sure that the network it connects to is secure, adds an additional layer of protection and peace-of-mind.

2. Image and sound quality are essential

Even if it has the correct certification and is completely secure, a baby camera monitor isn’t particularly effective if the image and sound quality isn’t very good. A lot of the cheaper baby monitors have low resolution displays and poor quality microphones and speakers. This means a lot of false starts for parents who mistake static for a baby waking up and can’t see the image well enough to tell the difference. Cameras with features such as infrared LEDs ensure that there is a clear picture even in complete darkness.

3. Don’t let interference interfere

Speaking of static, connectivity and interference is another key element to consider. Most stand-alone, non-networked baby cameras transmit on the same frequency (2.4GHz) as wireless networks. This can create a lot of interference, both for the baby monitor and for anyone using the home’s wireless network. A networked baby monitor camera solves this issue and potentially enables both parents to access the feed – through a mobile app or web portal – from the monitor at the same time, rather than relying on a single base unit.

4. Easy setup brings peace-of-mind

Even when not sleep deprived, easy setup is a must for any new device in the home. Being able to install and configure the camera with just a few simple button presses gives added peace-of-mind that everything is working perfectly from the first few minutes.

5. Added benefits don’t have to mean added headaches

Last but not least, added functionality should not be overlooked in the pursuit of cost saving, as this can prove to be false economy in the longer term. For instance a built-in night-light adds just enough ambient light to allow a parent to feed or check-in on the baby without needing to disturb it. Similarly, a temperature sensor can be invaluable in determining if the baby is too hot or too cold, while a lullaby singer or two-way audio can be great ways of helping the baby to drift off. Onboard recording means that a precious moment isn’t missed, even if the parents are out of the room, but many cameras require this to be stored on a site like YouTube. This can be complicated to setup, and even with the right privacy settings, it can be a disconcerting proposition for parents.

Hopefully, if you’ve decided you’d like a baby monitor camera, the tips above will help you make the right choice to ensure peace-of-mind for your new family. 

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