Protect yourself against rogue traders

tradesmanWhen we let people into our homes to do some work it’s always a bit of a worry, especially if we’re at work and can’t be there to monitor them. This worry is further exacerbated if we have elderly parents – trusting and honest, they can open their doors to the most unscrupulous of tradesmen, keen to exploit the vulnerable. The plethora of consumer affairs programmes on TV recently have shown us the scale of dishonest people about and, when we can’t always be there to see what’s going on, a second pair of eyes to watch over on our valuable possessions and our loved ones is a must.

That’s where IP Surveillance technology can help. Connecting surveillance cameras to the internet enables us to keep an eye on our homes when we’re not there, via a computer or mobile device. So, if the builder is helping himself to food in your fridge or the plumber is rummaging through your parents’ drawers while they’re making him a cup of tea, you can spot it.

D-Link offers a range of affordable home cameras which all connect to mydlink™ Cloud Services – enabling you to log in and view footage from a web browser or an app, which you can download for free onto your iPhone, iPad or Android device. That means you can keep an eye on what’s going on at home, wherever you may be, 24/7. You can also manage and control the cameras from within the app, so if you have a camera with pan-tilt-zoom capabilities, you can move the camera angle around as you require.

Wi-Fi cameras are a good option in the home, as it means you only have to worry about where to put the camera to get the best picture not about how near an Ethernet port it is – the only requirement being the need for a nearby mains socket to provide the necessary power. You can also buy cameras that are powered using ‘Power over Ethernet’ technology, which means you only need a network cable to both power and connect your camera to the internet – so if you’re thinking of positioning a camera near your router, this could be an option.

All in all, IP Surveillance technology provides a simple, cost effective solution to leave you with the peace of mind you deserve when trusting people to work in your home. 

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