It’s easy to protect your home network – just follow these simple steps

Locked doorYou wouldn’t leave your house unlocked when you went out, so don’t forget to protect your home from virtual burglars – remember that you need to keep your home network secure. Don’t worry though, that’s easy with D-Link products.

The first port of call is to secure your wireless router. When you install a new D-Link router, the step by step instructions that you’re taken through will ensure that you’re protected. And, when you have a D-Link router installed correctly with a secure password, you are also able to see who may be trying to access your network through the mydlink™ portal.

It’s also advisable to use something called a firewall – it helps keep hackers from using your computer to send out your personal information). A firewall is like a security guard – watching for attempts to break into your system, unlike anti-virus software which scans incoming emails and files (which you should also remember to keep up-to-date).

However, it’s not just your router that you need to secure. For the ultimate protection, you need to think about securing all of the devices that connect to the internet via your home network. If you have any D-Link devices, such as IP cameras or storage boxes, this is also easy to do via mydlink™ cloud services.

But it is also important to ensure that you regularly update your firmware. D-Link is constantly updating firmware for products when new functionality becomes available, but also to ensure tighter security for our customers. As a user of mydlink™ you will get an alert when one of your products needs an update, either when you log into an app or on the web portal.  It’s important you heed this advice and download what is required to ensure that you and your family are protected when online.