Ensuring your holiday is worry free

Hands and little house.When most of us go on holiday our main security measures are locking up the house, putting on the alarm and leaving the key with the neighbour or a family member – in the hope they don’t need to use it! But that approach to security doesn’t inspire the ultimate in confidence does it? Thankfully, now there are easy and reasonably priced ways to make your home more secure – such as simple home monitoring systems that are on the market. They’re more cost–effective than ever before and, thanks to the fact that they’re really easy to connect to the internet and monitor via your smartphone or tablet, you can check on your home wherever you can find an internet connection.

With prices starting as low as around £70 for entry level cameras, D-Link’s range comes with access to the mydlink™ service, which means you can easily set up your cameras with a step-by-step wizard, view high quality images via the app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device and best of all, if there is any motion detected you’ll get an email alert straight away. So you can get on with relaxing on the beach and not worrying about what’s going on at home.

The mydlink™ service enables you to create a secure private home network – a personal cloud – which means you can access not just your home surveillance cameras but your music, photos and videos wherever you are (you can read more about this on the last blog). With a mydlink™ app on your smartphone and tablet, you can not only check on the physical security at home, but also see if anyone is trying to access your Wi-Fi while you’re away – and block them immediately.

Ultimate assurance that everything is safe while you’re away, ensuring you’re able to do what you’re meant to on holiday – relax!

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