Sharing your summer memories

holidayWhen we get back from our holidays, one of the things that many of us want to do is share any photos or videos we’ve taken with our friends and family. Nowadays of course, we don’t have to wait for the films to be developed, we can simply show them on our tablets, laptops or Smartphones. But if your memory is full with music, apps or films that you don’t want to delete, how can you fit your photos on as well?

Well, there are storage devices available that can connect to your home network….meaning that you can save all your photos, videos and music on these and access them from your mobile device, wherever you are.

For example, D-Link’s range of ShareCenter™ Network Storage Enclosures enable you to share files and back them up. They also let you create your own personal cloud, which gives you and others access to your digital data from any Internet-connected device.

When you set up a ShareCenter™ device it prompts you to create a mydlink™ account – once you download the free app to your phone or tablet, or access the mydlink™ website on your laptop, you can access all of the files stored on your box.

Another great benefit of the ShareCenter™ is that you can manage the access rights – so you can even give your friends direct access to your photos, but keep the rest of the data stored on the device secure. And, if you’ve got a family who likes to download lots of content, you can even limit how much space you give to different users. There’s also a special Photo Center where you can create albums, slideshow and share photos with friends by email or even post them to Facebook.

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