Not getting the speeds you think you should from your Wi-Fi connection?

D-Link RouterAre you promised higher speeds from your Wi-Fi than you’re actually getting? Well, don’t necessarily rush to blame your ISP, it could be your router that’s the source of poor performance. Routers are like any other technology – they are always being improved and their performance has increased significantly over the years.

If you’ve been with your ISP for a long time and kept the original router that you were given, you’re missing out on technological developments that have occurred. These will not just affect the speed but also the range you are able to achieve. You wouldn’t expect a 10 year old car to perform as effectively or efficiently as a new one and the same is true with routers. Don’t forget, as well as missing out on all the developments, equipment also degrades over time, so your old router probably isn’t performing as well as it was when you first got it.

The latest routers on the market feature the new standard, Wireless AC, which will also provide your home network with more capacity, meaning that even if the whole family is trying to stream music and movies on different devices, the speed shouldn’t be affected. This is because Wireless AC works in the 5GHz radio spectrum (unlike the current Wireless N standard which works in 2.4GHz) where there is less noise and interference from competing technologies. Moreover, there’s just a lot more space available in this band, allowing for up to 19 non-overlapping wireless channels compared to just three with Wireless N. Plus, those channels can be made wider to carry a lot more data with 80MHz and ultimately 160MHz channels available in AC, compared to 20/40MHz with N.

The way in which radio signals are transmitted is also changing. Out go omni-directional antennas broadcasting every which way they can, in favour of so-called “beamforming” technology, where the signal is directed at the device it is meant for. Using similar technology to SmartBeam™, already available on D-Link Wireless N products, beamforming in Wireless AC will work regardless of the make of your device.

Beamforming will also help improve range and reliability. The maximum distance supported by Wi-Fi is unchanged at 200-300m, but by concentrating and directing signals, AC will be able to eliminate dead spots and, at the same time, improve signal strength and reliability at all distances. So, if your current network starts to buffer when streaming video from one room to another, with AC that problem will disappear.

Whilst devices that are compatible with Wireless AC are only just starting to appear on the market (Apple, for instance, has announced that future MacBooks will contain Wireless AC technology and the HTC One already has it on board), it will soon be the norm, so if you’re looking to upgrade your router to get the performance you require, ensure that you future proof your investment and go for AC.

Ensuring your holiday is worry free

Hands and little house.When most of us go on holiday our main security measures are locking up the house, putting on the alarm and leaving the key with the neighbour or a family member – in the hope they don’t need to use it! But that approach to security doesn’t inspire the ultimate in confidence does it? Thankfully, now there are easy and reasonably priced ways to make your home more secure – such as simple home monitoring systems that are on the market. They’re more cost–effective than ever before and, thanks to the fact that they’re really easy to connect to the internet and monitor via your smartphone or tablet, you can check on your home wherever you can find an internet connection.

With prices starting as low as around £70 for entry level cameras, D-Link’s range comes with access to the mydlink™ service, which means you can easily set up your cameras with a step-by-step wizard, view high quality images via the app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device and best of all, if there is any motion detected you’ll get an email alert straight away. So you can get on with relaxing on the beach and not worrying about what’s going on at home.

The mydlink™ service enables you to create a secure private home network – a personal cloud – which means you can access not just your home surveillance cameras but your music, photos and videos wherever you are (you can read more about this on the last blog). With a mydlink™ app on your smartphone and tablet, you can not only check on the physical security at home, but also see if anyone is trying to access your Wi-Fi while you’re away – and block them immediately.

Ultimate assurance that everything is safe while you’re away, ensuring you’re able to do what you’re meant to on holiday – relax!

Sharing your summer memories

holidayWhen we get back from our holidays, one of the things that many of us want to do is share any photos or videos we’ve taken with our friends and family. Nowadays of course, we don’t have to wait for the films to be developed, we can simply show them on our tablets, laptops or Smartphones. But if your memory is full with music, apps or films that you don’t want to delete, how can you fit your photos on as well?

Well, there are storage devices available that can connect to your home network….meaning that you can save all your photos, videos and music on these and access them from your mobile device, wherever you are.

For example, D-Link’s range of ShareCenter™ Network Storage Enclosures enable you to share files and back them up. They also let you create your own personal cloud, which gives you and others access to your digital data from any Internet-connected device.

When you set up a ShareCenter™ device it prompts you to create a mydlink™ account – once you download the free app to your phone or tablet, or access the mydlink™ website on your laptop, you can access all of the files stored on your box.

Another great benefit of the ShareCenter™ is that you can manage the access rights – so you can even give your friends direct access to your photos, but keep the rest of the data stored on the device secure. And, if you’ve got a family who likes to download lots of content, you can even limit how much space you give to different users. There’s also a special Photo Center where you can create albums, slideshow and share photos with friends by email or even post them to Facebook.