Keeping your files safe

DNS-320L_LHow many of us actually back up our digital files from our PCs or laptops to a separate location?

We all know we should but it’s just another thing that goes on our list and never gets done. However, if you’ve ever lost all of your files when either your hard drive crashes or your laptop gets stolen, you’ll know the pain and aggravation it causes – work documents, all those precious photo memories and all that music you’d invested in, gone and never to be seen again.

Backing up your files needn’t be as much hassle as you think. If you invest in a network attached storage (NAS) appliance, it connects directly to your PC, Mac or laptop and once you’ve set it up, you don’t have to keep remembering when to save your files to it,  it just does it automatically. And not only is it an extra layer of security for storing your files, it also frees up space on your local hard drive to keep your machine running quicker.

D-Link’s NAS boxes aren’t just good for protecting your files. All D-Link’s network storage products have a built-in application to share documents and media content such as photos, music and videos on a home network or over the Internet. Thanks to the mydlink™ portal you can even download and upload files, delete files/folders from the NAS box and check the status of your device remotely.

With the mydlink™ Access-NAS app available for iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ you can also view photos, and stream music and videos from your mobile devices. You can also download files from your NAS to your mobile device to send on or watch later. Files can be furthermore uploaded to a ShareCenter™ and backed up, meaning that you won’t run out of space on your mobile devices.

And finally, if you’re security conscious and have set up IP cameras around your home, you can use your NAS box to view and store the footage. So, there’s no excuse – it really is that simple.

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