The future of TV

iplayer_1821627cNew research from Ofcom, announced last week, showed that viewing habits have now changed so much that 18-24 year olds now watch TV on laptops or a PC more frequently than on a traditional TV. The modern consumer is no longer constrained by TV schedules, and the need to get home in time to watch your favourite show is now firmly a thing of the past. On demand services have been embraced by the majority of the British public, and this week Sky added 4OD to its on demand offering, meaning it is the first provider to offer catch up services from the main five UK terrestrial broadcasters.  Now more than ever, home networks need to meet these changing demands. Slowly but surely smartphones and tablets are being increasingly used to view TV content. Services like Sky Go, iPlayer and Netflix have all developed sophisticated apps for viewing content on tablets and mobile devices and we are sure to see more use of these in future. For these devices, it will be even more important to have a robust and high performing wireless network to cope with multi-room viewing across several devices. With this in mind, wireless N and in the future connectivity will be a must.

Furthermore, TV is becoming more social with more people using services like Facebook and Twitter to chat about their favourite TV shows while watching at the same time. This rise in ‘second screen’ viewing is another reason why home connectivity will be even more essential to the viewing experience in future. With the right level of wireless coverage in the home, you can be sure that the next episode of home TV will continue to deliver a seamless viewing experience.

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