The Home Network: What can we expect in 2013?

Crystal BallSo we managed to avoid the end of the world in 2012, but what does 2013 have in store?  Undoubtedly technology has become more important to our daily lives with the increased use of smartphones and reliance on internet connectivity. In 2013 we are sure to see more of the same and the devices we use become more sophisticated, much in the same way as the netbook inevitably becoming replaced by the tablet PC.

The recent news of HMV entering administration also demonstrated that media consumption is changing, as we are increasingly streaming our content online or downloading to our computers rather than playing from physical media like CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays. As we consume ever more digital content three things will become even more important on the home network: increased  bandwidth and speeds to support HD and streaming media, better wireless coverage to serve multiple devices and, last but not least, digital storage to save and access  our expanding online music, video and photography catalogues.

In 2013 the home network will become much more than just the sum of our devices at home. We will move from the home network to the “Personal cloud” and be able to access all our content and manage our devices in the home from any location over the internet.  So what else does the future hold? Ironically, our off the cuff technology predictions may become reality as Gartner has predicted wearable smart electronics will be a $10 billion industry in 2016.

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