Working from home: you’ve come a long way

A recent study from the University of Illinois has found that home working is becoming even more important to people’s lives. It is definitely good news in that case that home working has come a long way from the way it used to be. Those familiar with home working in “the good old days” will remember the dial-up connection sounding like R2D2 having a coughing fit, the dot-matrix printer that took four hours to print a shopping list line by line and not forgetting having to hang up your online session if you needed to make an outcall, or a browser that crashed if you looked at it the wrong way.

The truth is working from home is a much easier and bearable process now than ever before. High-speed broadband connectivity to the home, secure firewalls, private business networks and improvements in wireless technology all help to make home working on a par (if not preferable) to working in the office. For the most part, home workers can now achieve everything they can in the office and can now even route their office calls to their home network using the same business number. This has allowed working to be more flexible and helped workers get their work done when getting to the office is no longer an easy option or recommended like recently back in the summer with the London 2012 Olympics.

The key that has enabled all this to happen is the network. A reliable internet connection is the backbone of home working and, according to some recent research by Ofcom, one in five homebuyers actively checked broadband speeds when buying their property for this reason, as well as home entertainment, video chatting and other such purposes.

Home working, while perhaps never a joy, is a lot more pleasurable than it used to be and becoming a more attractive option for many people.  So is your home network up to scratch for both work and play?

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