The Connected Traveller: Web-surfing while globe-trotting

It used to be the case that any intrepid traveller would need a few select pieces of kit to make a journey successful; a trusty steed to get around, a knowledgeable local guide to lead the way and a shotgun to ward off any hungry animals or angry natives. The modern traveller’s needs are a bit different. Their transport is normally either a plane or cab, their local guide is their mobile phone. Thankfully, the only weapon the modern traveller needs is having instant access to their online world and having the right information to hand, and this means reliable internet access.

For the modern traveller, the last thing they want is to get to a hotel room with no internet access, or stare at an Ethernet cable that gloats at you when all you have on you is a wirelessly connected smartphone. The modern traveller demands to be able to keep in touch with family when they arrive, browse the internet and get work done in their hotel room as well as if they were still sitting in the office or working from home.

New technology can help overcome the challenges of accessing the internet while the power of The Cloud can let you access your home network to get at those all-important files while away. Technology now is also becoming more travel-sized, whether this is a portable 3G WiFi point or a router you can plug into an Ethernet port to send WiFi to your laptop, tablet and any other mobile device. The modern traveller may be many miles from home, but that doesn’t mean they should still be left stranded by poor internet access.

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