The cloud has just got personal

Today we have more ways than ever to get connected, from our PCs at home, to the mobile phones we use on the go. We are also accessing more content than ever before in the forms of files, images and videos which have traditionally been stored on each of these devices separately.

It has become clear as time goes on that getting to content on different devices has quickly become a pain. Cloud services like iCloud and Dropbox have simplified this by letting us move content over to “the cloud” and we are bound to see more services like these in coming years. In fact, Gartner recently predicted that consumers will store more than a third of their content in the cloud by 2016. But what about all the content that we still have on our devices at home?

The “personal cloud” is the next step for the network and means that we can play movies, share photos, play music and share just about any content from devices on our home network, via any internet connected device, wherever we may be. Consumers no longer want to go through complicated network settings to get to their devices, and apps for smartphones and tablets can now take away all that hassle and get users quickly accessing their devices, hassle free.

The personal cloud is not just about playing movies and sharing pictures. Today’s consumers expect to be able to do everything they can do with their PC via their mobile, and this includes controlling the devices on the home network and changing their personal settings. Imagine no longer having to be sat at the computer at home to change the level of your teenage child’s internet access, or to view the live stream from the security camera keeping an eye on the car in the garage.

The personal cloud extends to all devices in the network and the golden aim that consumers are looking for is seamless integration between their all their devices, whether they are at home or in another location entirely. Now it seems that goal is soon to be realised. The cloud, it seems, has just got personal.

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