Banishing Wi-Fi dead spots

We’ve all been there: there’s that one spot in the house where you just can’t seem to find your wireless internet connection. Dead spots commonly exist in attics, basements, gardens and even just rooms which are located far from the router. The beauty of wireless internet is that it gives us the freedom to work, play, or surf anywhere and so there’s nothing more frustrating than being constrained by poor reception!

Fortunately there are a number of ways in which you can look to address this within your home:

PowerLine – Offering users substantial increases in capacity, which make it perfect for gaming and streaming video, PowerLine technology is fast being recognised as a game changing technology. Using electrical wires to carry data signals, all you need to do to create a fully functioning network point is plug a pair of PowerLine adapters into a power socket. This allows a strong wireless signal to be transmitted to those areas of the home which previously were deemed internet free zones.

Wireless N – Wireless N technology uses multiple antennae to increase speed and eradicate dead spots. Wireless N is faster, more reliable, and offers home users greater wireless range. Most internet service providers are now offering wireless N capability so in order to enjoy the benefits home users need to ensure they have a wireless N compatible router. Wireless technology is now also moving to the next stage with the emergence of the 802.11ac standard which promises even faster speeds and coverage.  So consumers are likely to see more 802.11ac products on the market in the next 12-18 months.

Wireless Range Extenders – Wireless range extenders can pick up the signal from your main wireless router and forward it on. By placing one or more judiciously around the house, you can reach hard-to-get-to areas more easily, without the need to trail wires around.

“SmartBeam” technology – SmartBeam technology can further eliminate dead spots and boost wireless performance.  SmartBeam technology utilises ‘smart antennae’ which enables routers to identify internet-enabled devices and target them more accurately with a direct beam. So whether the device is located in a basement, in an extension or up in the loft, it will receive the strongest and most consistent signal possible.

By following the above tips users can start to overcome their wireless woes and reap the benefits of being able to freely use an internet connection without constraints.

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