Will your home network be a medal winner during the Olympics?

The Olympics are set to hit London next month and there’s never been a better time to catch all the action, but a home network that is slow out of the blocks could prove a hurdle to some people watching the games live and working while at home.

This year for the first time the Olympics will be available in full HD, and the BBC is streaming 24 HD channels live simultaneously. The majority of homes in the UK have internet access but full HD streaming means increased demands on the home network. With this in mind, consumers will need to make sure they are getting the most out of their network to ensure their online experience is a medal winner.

This is the first Olympics where we are likely to see people watching a lot of the action on their tablets and mobile phones. The upside is that if Dad wants to watch the boxing on the TV, Mum can still catch the tennis at the same time on her laptop, while Judy can watch gymnastics on her smartphone. However, all these devices streaming video at the same time could clearly put a strain on your home network.

Working from home during the Olympics will also present its own networking challenges. Checking a few e-mails might not place too many demands on bandwidth, but downloading multiple 10MB PowerPoint presentations, making VOIP/video calls and accessing the work network via a VPN at the same time as streaming the athletics could prove a challenge.

However, by using the latest home networking technology such as routers with the latest Wireless N technology and PowerLine, home users can significantly improve the performance and range of their home networks. With the right network in place there’s no reason why live streaming can’t go the distance.

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