Showing at an internet stream near you

If you had asked people five years ago, how they would watch their favourite films at home it is fair to say the majority would have said on DVD or even VHS (remember them?).  Fast forward to the present day and this picture its changing rapidly.  Recently Lovefilm revealed that its streaming business had overtaken its physical DVD, Blu-ray and game rentals for the first time.  This is a clear sign that media streaming is on the rise as consumers want to listen/watch what they want, when they want, from a number of different internet-connected devices.

Home networking technology has made rapid leaps forward in recent years. Devices such as the Boxee Box now allow consumers to view and share the very best of the web directly from their TV. At the same time it is easier than ever for consumers to listen to the latest album or watch a Hollywood blockbuster online using services such as Spotify or Netflix.

It isn’t just with films and music where we are seeing this change. Online gaming, in particular, continues to grow apace.  Titles such as Call of Duty or Battlefield 3 are increasingly being promoted on the strength of their online aspect, and also we are slowly seeing physical discs die out as publishers make their games available for download.

This streaming future is all well and good, but such streaming services are only as good as the network supporting them.  In today’s connected world consumers need to ensure that their home router is up to the job and that they can stream HD content throughout the home. Furthermore, consumers no longer want to have one room only internet access, so PowerLine technology especially, can be a great way to stream the latest online content without needing to re-wire your house!

Here at the WaxingDigital blog we’d love to hear if you are abandoning the disc and moving entirely online.

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