Caught on camera – avoiding the holiday blues

The holiday season is upon us, and soon we will all be locking up the house, leaving a note for the milkman and inevitably forgetting our toothbrushes. Some things never change, but thankfully with the latest camera technology, worries about your property and possessions while you are away could be a thing of the past.

According to recent research 63% of UK consumers were most worried about their neighbours when they were away from home.  But on a more serious note, 80% thought that the cost of home security was too expensive.  Fortunately, the latest home monitoring cameras, advances in mobile technology and the ubiquity of internet connectivity, has meant that home security is becoming more readily attainable for a lot of people.

Today’s IP cameras are extremely cost-effective and simple enough to use that anyone can set up CCTV security in their own home.  Better yet these cameras sit on your home network and can be viewed remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.  Indeed, 61% of consumers said they would feel less worried about their property and possessions if they were able to view them remotely over the internet or on their mobile phone.

So as we move further into the internet age hopefully more people can start to enjoy their holidays.  No longer should you need to worry about whether the TV is still in the living room, the car is still in the garage or whether the neighbour has remembered to feed the cat!

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